MesoTherapy RF No Needle

MesoTherapy RF No Needle


No Needle Radio Frequency Mesotherapy is an increasingly popular alternative to wrinkle relaxing injections. Unlike wrinkle relaxing injections, which are an invasive and chemical treatment, No Needle Mesotherapy takes a completely non-toxic and unobtrusive approach. Whilst holding many of the same benefits as anti-wrinkle injections, it is painless, natural, and suitable for all skin types. For individuals who are afraid of injections, or wish to take a natural and less invasive approach to wrinkle relaxing treatment, No Needle Mesotherapy is ideal.


Rather than injections, No Needle Mesotherapy uses radio frequency technology, natural mesotherapy products are gently infused into the skin. Radio Frequency technology allows the cell membranes of the skin to become temporarily permeable, which allows the cells to better absorb the healthy vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained within mesotherapy products. This approach to wrinkle relaxing allows the skin to absorb up to 2,000 times more vital nutrients than other established methods, so unsurprisingly, the effects of this treatment are significant.


As well as its anti-ageing properties, No Needle Mesotherapy is often used for pigmentation reduction, skin tone and hydration, and general skin conditioning. Many patients describe the results of treatment as leaving their skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, smoother and firmer than before. No Needle Mesotherapy is also a successful alternative to Dermal fillers.

Unlike invasive wrinkle relaxing procedures that entail the use of numerous injections, unobtrusive Mesotherapy treatment does not cause discomfort for patients, the extent of any pain being a subtle pins and needles kind of sensation. There are no risks or side effects involved in this manner of treatment, whereas more obtrusive treatments often leave patients with some level of pain and skin bruising.

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