Individual Laser Treatments

Individual Laser Treatments


Whether you have been a long time patient or are looking to try laser hair removal for the first time, Charleston Laser has you covered! Or should we say uncovered?


No need to go bargain-hunting! We have the best prices in Charleston and are happy to serve you. We recommend having a minimum of 9-12 treatments on any area. Once you purchase 9 treatments of one area with us, receive 3 free of the same area!


A small body part is considered one of the following:

Upper lip, Chin, Underarms (both underarms included), Moderate bikini, Ears, Sideburns, Fingers, Top of hands, Toes, Tops of feet, Belly button (“happy trail”), Small of back, Middle of eyebrow, Front of neck, Back of neck, Areolas, Cheeks, Jawline


A medium body part is considered one of the following:

Full brazilian, Extended bikini, 1/2 Arms, 1/2 Legs, Front and back of neck, Upper chest, Lower abdomen, Shoulders, Full face, Beard, Buttocks, Head


A large body part is considered the following:

Full chest and abdomen, Full back and shoulders, Full legs with Toes & Feet, Full arms with Hands & Fingers