3 Large Body Part Laser Hair Removal Treatments

3 Large Body Part Laser Hair Removal Treatments


Whether you have been a long time client or are looking to try laser hair removal for the first time, Charleston Laser has you covered! Or should we say uncovered?


No need to go bargain-hunting! We have the best prices in Charleston and are happy to serve you. We recommend having a minimum of 9-12 treatments on any area. Once you purchase 9 treatments of one area with us, receive 3 free of the same area!


A large body part is considered the following:

Full chest and abdomen. Full back and shoulders. Full legs with Toes & Feet. Full arms with Hands & Fingers.


    All sales are final. No refunds will be issued per company policy; clients may receive a credit on their account. There is no value for promotional items. No refunds will be given for partially redeemed packages.